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India is one of the best places in the world for Start-ups today. A gigantic market, a strong need and a growing economy on an upsurge; India has always thrived on Entrepreneurship and a large bulk of the goods and services are delivered by private and public entrepreneurs.

A start-up is usually a work of passion. An entrepreneur has an idea and, in most cases, jumps in with a few friends and well-wishers to convert that idea into a robust business. A great idea with potential is capable of procuring funding from angel investors or from professional venture capitalists. Startups need substantial commitment, funds, and a strong belief in the vision. Startups are not for the weak minded.

At SKD Group, we appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit, the idea of start-ups and most definitely, understand the stumbling blocks that hound the process of setting them up. The entrepreneur starting new ventures or existing corporate expanding their business horizons, in any sector of any size, we provides complete HR Road Map with customized solutions. This helps them to have efficient HR practices from the beginning, apart from giving them greater time to focus on their business.

Services’ Profile for Start-Ups / Business Expansions:

Vision sharing discussions with entrepreneurs to finalize HR road map with Mission and Objectives. Provide key HR inputs on: Manpower planning, department wise allocation, HR budget, recruitment solutions, Talent development, and Retention.

  • Recruitment plan:Recruitment plan and calendar in synergy with Business plans.
  • Induction: Orienting new employees with basic knowledge and skills.
  • Deployment: Deploying the resources after on-the job training.

Set up functional HR Dept. with competent Team and proven HR Tools. Organization specific HR Manuals, Policies, Formats, and Procedures for all HR interventions with detailed guidelines.

Complete HR Documentation, both – on & off line. Leave Management, Performance Management, Attendance Management, Payroll Management, HR Manual, Formats, Policies, Position Purpose Documents – Job Specifications, Job Descriptions, KRAs and KPAs and HR Tools and Interventions.

Training needs identification, Customized training modules, and execution of plans. Measuring training effectiveness, continuous Talent Development with Training calendars.

Design industry specific (Retail, Healthcare, Hotels & Hospitality, Financial services, Manufacturing sectors etc.,) performance measurement matrix along with Appraisal Forms and guidelines for each level, i.e., for Staff, Executives and Managers.

Complete legal cover under various labour laws. Registrations, Registers, Returns and Compliance issues under various labour laws, viz., PF, ESI, Acts monitored by Labour Office , PT etc.,

Once the HR Dept. is set and fully functional, option to retain SKD Group to manage it and have quality services consistently

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