Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll Outsourcing

SKD Group provides HR Outsourcing services to small to mid-sized businesses so you can focus on what your company does best. Our services help businesses contain HR costs, minimize employer-related risks, and reduce the administrative burden of HR. With any small business its the little things that matter, at SKD Group we can support you all the way with high quality outsourcing of your HR.processes allowing you to concentrate on building or running your business safe in the knowledge you have experts on hand to guide you through the minefield of current legislation.

We help you to Grow Your Business !!!…

SKD Group rates amongst the HR Outsourcing and Payroll Outsourcing service providers in Central India today, with Payroll outsourcing services designed to suit complex needs of clients. Our experts can advise you or handle Compensation Structuring, Benefits Administration, Tax processing, Year end activity or reports, Flexi pay packages and a very time bound Query management.

Payroll is one of the many responsibilities for an employer and is a crucial part of the business. Your business cannot do without payroll and it is not simple. Streamlined and error-free payroll processes can do more for you. It can help you unlock business insights, improve compliance and steer your business towards comprehensive human capital management. Payroll is not just about paying people, but well managed payroll processes reduce costs and mitigates compliance risk. In addition error-free data management help you with new business insights, easier compliance and help you take your human capital management to the next level.


Payroll Services by SKD Group’s

Need For Payroll Services:

  • Outsourcing non-core activity
  • Time bound & Voluminous routine clerical activity
  • Cost benefit Technology, Infrastructure, Salary etc
  • Improve company and HR focus
  • Free internal resources for other purposes
  • Gain access to continuously changing/improving technology
  • Enhance efficiency

Features of SKD Group’s Payroll Outsourcing:

  • Customized payroll processing
  • Exclusive CRM support
  • Highly flexible payroll system
  • Salary disbursement support
  • MIS Routine, Statutory & Management aid
  • Statutory compliance support
  • Continuous updating & improvement
  • Labour laws expertise

Payroll Management Services by SKD Group’s

  • Employee Salary calculations & processing.
  • Payroll Reports & Documentation.
  • Employee Query Management.
  • Employee Leave Management.
  • Employee Pay Slips
  • Employee Self Service IT Application.
  • Tax & other statutory deductions.
  • Return Filings & Submissions.
  • Year end IT calculations and Form 16 support.
  • MIS Reports for Management review and Accounting

Payroll Processing:

Client Benefits:

  • Compliance Audit: One-time audits to assess the level of compliance that is in place, including PF, ESI stipulations, regulations and suggestions to improve the level of compliance
  • Fast and Accurate: We deliver large volumes of work on time, every time.
  • Timely compliance with various statutes and labor laws.
  • Sound corporate governance
  • An increase in focus on strategic business areas
  • A reduction in the labour overheads
  • Timely compliance and adherence to all the different statutes and labour laws
  • Avoidance of all litigation and associated costs that may arise out of non-compliance
  • Complete and accurate maintenance all records that are relevant to compliance

Client Benefits:

When a client engages us, we conduct a one-time audit before the assignment to assess the current status of statutory compliance according to the various Central and State Acts. Then we prepare a detailed audit report which we submit to the client. This audit will reveal all the strong and weak areas in terms of compliance, and lay out a clear plan on how to move forward. Based on the audit findings and consultation with the client, we then proceed other activities to make sure that the business is hundred percent compliant to all statutes and labour laws. No matter what the size of your organisation is - small, medium, or large - you no doubt face the growing challenge of complying with the rapidly evolving and highly complex compliance requirements.  To know how we can help your organization with our range of Statuary and Compliance Outsourcing Solutions, schedule an appointment with us right away.