Work Process

Our corporate training solutions provide a broad range of corporate coaching programs that are focused on improving individual performance, team performance and hence essentially the business performance of the organisation. Combined with entry and exit gate assessments, our solutions facilitate training resources to maximize business efficiency as well as personal growth for the employees.

  • Team building & Conflict Management
  • Personality Development
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • Business Communication
  • Art of Public Speaking 
  • Train The Trainer
  • Mapping of locations/market route plan (distributor visit based on the PJP)
  • Managing Carrying and Forwarding / Depot coordination
  • Know your company/ Know your product
  • Selling skills
  • Smart sales calls
  • How to increase reach product availability
  • Visibility
  • Reporting/ communication/ feedback
  • Global Business Etiquette
  • Self-hygiene/Grooming
  • Cleanliness of store
  • Cleaning the shelf
  • Proper stocking of the shelf
  • Correct price tags/signs
  • Correct adjacencies/ Logical flow of products
  • Greeting/Attending the customer with a smile
  • Behavior with the customer
  • Trying to understand customer's need by asking open ended questions
  • Developing sense of ownership while operating in the store
  • Develop habit of helping each other in tasks
  • Taking and acting on feedback given by the customer
  • We provide India’s Best HR Practical Training & HR Certification . Our syllabus content 11 modules which make you COMPLETE HR PROFESSIONAL

  • Organization Development - Structure - Planning - Performance Man Power Planning & organ gram designing along with KRA's of individual employee.
  • Pre Recruitment:Man power request form - Responsible for recruitment through Job portals (, Consultant, Headhunting & Advertisement Vacancies Using appropriate mediums for all position for corporate, sales & units of proficient manpower base on manpower planning. Screening, Evaluating, Short-listing the candidates, Arranging interviews of short-listed candidates.
  • Post Recruitment:Induction of Employees, Offer Letter, Acceptance Letter, Appointment Letter and Completion of all joining formalities. Responsible for maintenance of recruitment Data bank.
  • Welcome an Employee, Introduce Employee (by oral or email. History of Organization, Organization chart, Introduce of Company policies, Do's and Don'ts

  • HR activities-Induction & exit interviews:Appropriate induction programs for new member & exit interviews for employees leaving organization for assessing detail reasons to make corrective actions. Introduction with organization background along with current turning and future business planning. All documentation of personnel during joining & relieving along with full & final settlement. Checking major documents with concerned hired company responsible for employer verification.
  • HR Policies & System Implementation:

    Initiated various HR policies, its designing (Under Guidance of HR Head) and implementation as per need of business objective. Strict adherence of all the policies, standard operating procedures for smooth error free system.

  • We are a tech driven people oriented company. We strongly practice following values.

  • Customer First approach
  • Continual Improvement
  •  Dignity of Labour
  •  Ethical Practices
  • Absolute Integrity
  • Vision

    To be recognized by our clients, employees and the industry as the leading Service provider of housekeeping Services.


    To provide innovative and cost effective solutions that proactively preserve the value of each property, process and products that enable our clients to win in the changing world of work. .

    More than 95% of our employees work on our sites, in daily contact with our clients and consumers. Our employees, who through their commitment and dedication represent unique values of Service Spirit, Team Spirit and Spirit of Progress, are our greatest assets.

    We are committed to give world class housekeeping services with Quality Standards through continual improvement and up gradation of technology and processes delivered through dedicated and committed professionals.

    Our company and employees have a longstanding history of social responsibility. Our business is built on relationships – with our clients, our employees, and our communities. So, naturally, we have a special interest in helping people in the communities we serve.

    We support numerous organizations, partner with community groups dedicated to helping people with special needs find employment, and offer our career counseling resources to individuals from all walks of life.

    Through these initiatives we will continue to make it a priority to partner with other organizations, locally and nationally, that share our common social responsibility goals.

  • Overview
  • Compensation Structuring
  • Pay component impacts on statutory Compliances
  • How to prepare better compensation structure which gives mutual benefits to Employee and Employer
  • Data Collection
  • How to process payroll
  • Depth insight on Deductions (EPF, ESI, PT, Income Tax, LWF etc)
  • Provide detailed workout on calculations
  • Provide detailed workout on taxation
  • Payslips preparation using Mail Merge
  • EPF & ESI challan preparation (with live data on EPF & ESI portal)
  • EPF & ESI member addition / deletion and KYC and Practical issues will be discussed
  • PT payment
  • Income tax quarterly & Annual filing
  • Preparing Form16
  • CHow to generate different Reports
  • How is it Done?

    SKD’s Consultants meet with HR and management to assess your recruiting requirements. We’ll work with you to understand your corporate strategy, objectives and workplace environment then analyse data that identifies the key skills, knowledge and behaviours required for each job family within your organisation. When you need to hire permanent staff, SKD’s Consultants seek out and send you a short-list of the very best candidates.

    What is the Payoff?

    The cost of a vacant position, a bad hire, or even a mediocre hire, is substantial. Just compare the value of your top performers to your poorer performers and you can see how quickly an investment in superior recruiting methods pays off.

    What managers need most is better talent and that is what SKD offers. We provide you best of class recruitment services that extend your own HR department and save you the cost of building up an overly expensive recruitment function.